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Thanks to all of our members who purchased a raffle ticket for the train quilt. We raised a whopping $1240!! This was well beyond our expectations. Many thanks to a last minute anonymous donor  (you know who you are) who pledged to match donations up to $400. We will continue making this an annual thing since everyone seemed to like it. Thanks again to everyone who participated and we'll see what 2023's raffle will be!

The 2022 raffle was won Bob Rich, shown here holding up his new quilt, along with Melissa Mendick, who created it:

As you all know the last few years have been odd. Not only are we dealing with the repercussions of the pandemic, but there have been ripple effects. Our storage and transportation costs have increased, and by optionally waiving membership fees for the last 2 years and by cancelling one Railcon and last years being less attended, our income has decreased. There are many different ways you, as a TGA member, can participate.

We also have a Lifetime Membership option. For donating $500, your membership is paid up for life. Not only can you get one for yourself, but they make great gifts! These can be purchased here.

As always, straight-up donations are cheefully accepted - you can make one in person look for the item marked Donate to the TGA  in our online store.

The Train Gamers Association (TGA) facilitates and promotes the play of train games.

We sanction and run Puffing Billy™  Tournaments at conventions throughout the year.

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