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Chip boxes: Pre-Order (by Oct 15) for Pick Up at Railcon - You must have a paid TGA membership for 2023 to order.

Any ordered by non-TGA Members will not be fulfilled and monies will be considered a donation. All proceeds will go to the TGA. Made with permission from Darwin Toys. These are flat-topped 36 bobbin boxes (Size: 5.7" x 4.7" x 1.05"), NOT the round-topped boxes used by the TGA. These are more conducive to easy storage and cost significantly less. Boxes come with the pictured inner sticker showing loads and the outer game label, but THEY DO NOT COME WITH THE CHIPS.

These will NOT be available after October 15.

We'd prefer to deliver them to you at Railcon - but if you want us to ship them to you, there are "products" below that you can add to your order to pay for the shipping costs. These are USPS Priority Mail flat-rate boxes; it's up to you to figure out how many boxes of what size will be needed for your order.

Railcon Badges:

$83 until 9/30

$93 after 9/30

Want to do things "the old-fashioned way"?
You can mail us one of these forms with the
appropriate payment included.

Note that $3 of the (online) purchase price of a Railcon badge and $2 of the (online) purchase price of a membership go to covering the Square fees involved .

Note: In order attend Railcon, you have to buy a Railcon badge AND be a paid-up member

Book Rooms at the Courtyard

Again this year, the Courtyard is offering even lower "longer stay" rates for those who are interested in extending their stay at the Courtyard to 6-8 nights.

Each of the links below will take you to the appropriate page for booking a stay of the specified length.

The deadline for booking rooms is 9/19/2023.

Please book rooms at the Courtyard as part of our room block. If you are unable to do so, let us know right away so that we can fix it with the hotel.

6-8 nights @ $119/night

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