To attend Railcon, you will need to follow a special process again this year (pretty much the same as last year's).

Your Railcon badge is not valid until you have completed all of the steps detailed in these instructions, which include filling out all of the forms and accepting the Terms and Conditions for Railcon 2022.

You must have a current TGA membership (paid for 2022) in order to get a badge. You can add the "TGA Membership" store item below to your order if you have not already joined or renewed.

First, you will need to read the following document:

Railcon 2022 Terms And Conditions (click here to read)

You will then need to complete this special Railcon 2022 Registration form:

Railcon 2022 Registration (click here to fill out)

Once you've done all that, you can click on the "Railcon 2022 Badge" store item below, and follow the usual process to buy your badge(s). As a final step in the purchase process, you will be required to agree with the Terms and Conditions before your purchase can be completed.

If you have a badge credit from a previous year, please make sure to use your coupon code in the Store.

Once you've done all of this, you're all set.

If you'd like to stay at the Courtyard, click the link below to book a room at TGA rates.

Note: Purchasing a Railcon badge is not a guarantee that you can attend Railcon. We do not know what the COVID-19 situation will be in October, or whether the event can be run, or what policies we will have in place if and when it does. However, being fully vaccinated and boosted increases the chances that you will be able to attend, and reduces the chances that you will have to jump through extra hoops in order to do so.