TGA Participation is NOT CONFIRMED 

Columbus, OH

Origins 2021

Game System Tournaments

Rules Clarifications  (2019)

Note: 2018 rules posted below are in effect for 2019 except where noted

Empire Builder TGA Rules

Compiled from 2003 - 2019

(an official Draft document)

updated June 8, 2019

Origins Club code info!


The code below can be used for a 30% discount on a Full Show Badge (no other badge type). The code is case sensitive and will be applied on the payment page of the registration process. You can reference a full walkthrough on badge registration here:


You must be a current paid member of the TGA (renewed in 2019) to use this code.  Origins will check your name against the member list we submitted.  If you are not current, go to the TGA Online Store.  If you are not sure, contact TGA Secretary


Steps for using the Club code: OGF20TTGA

  1. Go to the Origins website and click on registration in the black menu bar toward the top of the page.

  2. Click on the “Register Here” button below the black menu bar.

  3. Choose the Full Show Badge role when filling out the first page.

  4.  Continue through the registration process until the final/checkout page at the end..

  5. Input the code below in the coupon code field and click “Apply”,

  6. Finish paying for your remaining balance.


If you have trouble, DO NOT pay for the badge. If you are on the payment page and leave, the system will save your registration, but you will have a fee on the account.

You can then email gamasupport@eventready.,com for assistance.