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June 21-25, 2023    Columbus, OH

Origins 2023

The 2023 Origins Puffing Billy Tournament is in the books. Thank you to everyone who came to play games with us. A few new games were introduced this year – Maglev Metro and Brass Birmingham. We worked out a few kinks in the early teaching rounds and most people enjoyed them. We had 18 boards and 73 players in 4 timeslots for BB; 9 boards and 35 players in 3 timeslots for MM. These brought in a lot of new people to our area. We had over 400 non-members join us for at least one game!


Don’t forget upcoming major conventions are Gen Con, August 3-6, 2023 and Railcon, October 18-23, 2023. Check Events | traingamers for more info and regionals as well. Thank you again to all our volunteers that made this weekend run so smoothly. If you would be interested in volunteering, even just a few hours, contact our Volunteer Coordinator, David Belew at . For those willing to dedicate amore, you can earn free convention badges!

Yes, Chris Meyer had an excellent weekend and we congratulate him on his success. Melissa would, however, like to take some of the credit, as she did provide him multiple opportunities to kick her butt and rack up those wins! 😊 We also want to thank Chris because he did not even plan on attending Origins, but at the last minute there was a possibility that Phil Cottrell (who was scheduled to run the new games in addition to all the other volunteer stuff he does) thought he couldn't make it. So, Chris offered to come fill in with whatever we needed from him. Turns out Phil did make it, so while Chris did still put in lots of volunteer hours he still got in a few games.


Finals Winners

Boxcars: Chris Meyer

Empire Builder: Michael Mendick (Empire Builder in finals)

Eurorails: Alan Borowski

Express: David Belew

Great Western Trail: Mark Liberman

On the Underground: Ken Bachman

Railways of the World: David Hu

Rolling Freight: Ken Bachman

Russian Railroads: Chris Meyer

Settlers of America: Chris Meyer

TTR:  Pasquinel Boussery (Japan map in finals)

TTR US: Mike Potter

Union Pacific: Alan Borowski

18xx: Phil Cherry


The Train Gamers Association (TGA) facilitates and promotes the play of train games.

We sanction and run Puffing Billy™  Tournaments at conventions throughout the year.

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