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Railcon Top 20  

   1. Charles Hooks
   2. John Puddifoot
   3. Bob Rich
   4. Michael Cheng
   5. Roger Jarrett
   6. Ken Bachman
   7. Debbie Gutermuth
   8. Justin Moul
   9. Chris Meyer
  10, Anthony Medici
  11. David Belew
  12. Ken Gutermuth
  13. Jeff Jackson
  14. William Spear
  15. Phil Cottrell
  16. Eve Corbin
  17. Bart Pisarik
  18. Anthony Carver
  19. Cheryl Orosz
  20. Janet Bromley

Updated: November 2016

The ongoing purpose of the Train Gamers Association (TGA) is to facilitate and promote the play of train games.  We sanction and run Puffing Billy® Tournaments at large and small conventions throughout the year.  Our National Championship is held at Railcon each year (usually in October), and our other two annual major conventions are held at Origins and Gen Con.

 <<< Charles Hooks,                                           
        Reigning National Champion

  Railcon National Championship 2016

We just wrapped our major tournament season with a very successful Railcon in our new location in Schaumburg, IL  Attendance was excellent with most of our regulars, some brand new faces, and some folks we haven't seen for a while.  Mark your calendars now to attend the 2017 National Championship October 12-15, once again in Schaumburg.

Congratulations to Charles Hooks for winning the Puffing Billy National Championship at Railcon 2016.   it was a hard fought battle with several people in the mix but Charles barely pulled out the victory over John Puddifoot.  Charles became the official target for 2016, while John got to take home a consolation prize as the Challenger class winner.  Ken Gutermuth managed yet another Iron Man win.

A record 20 people achieved five category wins.   See the full list  to the right.  If you are interested in more detailed Railcon results they are available here:

Railcon 2016 Results

  Puffing Billy Major Tournaments

        Origins Results

               Puffing Billy Winner: Michael Cheng
               Challenger Class Winner: Dave Thornburg
               Iron Man: Charles Hooks
               Next Origins: June 14-18, 2017, Columbus

        Gen Con Results

               Puffing Billy Winner: Jeff Jackson
               Challenger Class Winner: Alex Puddifoot
               Iron Man: Charles Hooks
               Next Gen Con: August 17-20, 2017, Indianapolis

                2016 tournament information:
                2016 tournament management info:
            Railcon    2016 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP
                   October 13-16, 2016  Schaumburg IL

               Puffing Billy Winner: Charles Hooks
               Challenger Class Winner: John Puddifoot
               Iron Man: Ken Gutermuth
               Next Railcon: October 12-15, 2017, Schaumburg IL

Other Upcoming TGA-Sanctioned Tournaments 
  • UCon November 11 - 13, 2016 
    • Marriott Ann Arbor Ypsilanti MI at Eagle Crest
    • Modified Puffing Billy Tournament
    • Al Stiles, Conductor
  • Chattanooga Rail Gaming Challenge  January 26-29, 2017
    • Chattanooga Choo Choo Chattanooga TN
    • Puffing Billy Tournament and standalone 18xx tournament
    • Debbie Gutermuth, PB Conductor
  • Total Confusion  February 23-26, 2017
    • Best Western Royal Plaza Marlborough, MA
    • Puffing Billy Tournament
    • Dave Mitton, Conductor
General TGA Information

  Ticket to Ride World Championship

The TGA was honored to be part of the 2014 Ticket to Ride World Championship,     sponsored by Days of Wonder to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the popular train game. Congratulations to TGA members Cheryl Orosz, Michael Cheng, Jeff Jackson, Trella Bromley, David Belew, and Phil Cottrell who were among the 24 finalists in the North American Championship.  None of them won the trip to Paris but the TGA was well represented in the competition and we are proud of their efforts.